Our AGM Sponsors

Claudius Dittrich - Keller HCW

On behalf of the CBA Board of Directors, I want to extend a heart-felt thank you to all our sponsors for their financial commitment to making our 54th AGM an unqualified success.   Your generous contribution helped make our goal a reality by helping to offset the cost of providing exceptional evening events, quality speakers and of course.

It is important that our AGM & Conference is not just a work obligation, but an event that people look forward to each year, and then return to their businesses with lots of new and exciting ideas to implement. Our Associate members are provide new technology and insights through their brochures and displays.




  1. Jez Rowe - Rowe Design & Consulting
  2. Miquel Moix - Beralmar
  3. Claudius Dittrich - Keller HCW
  4. Andrea Saglietti and Andrea Pasquali - Morando Rieter
  5. Massimo Bernini - Bernini Impianti
  6. Paco Palanques - Forgestal (represented locally by Verdes)
  7. George Koukas and Spyros Laliotis - SABO Brick & Tile
  8. Helder Almeida - Metalcertima

Please go to the individual profile pages to learn more about the company, and download their product presentation!