The CBA represents the clay brick and paver manufacturers of Southern Africa.

We inspire sustainable, contemporary brick architecture and building design in all areas of the built environment: commercial, residential and landscape.

Contemporary Brick Living Spaces


The exposed brick wall in living areas can come in a wide array of forms and natural hues - it harmonises with styles ranging from industrial to shabby chic from contemporary and classic.

Exposed brick wall designs are trendy interior design ideas. Brick wall designs add drama and effectively change the look of rooms, adding unique and spectacular appearance to accent walls.

Exposed brick walls add naturally warm hues to room colors and create a cozy atmosphere in rooms accentuated with brick walls. Bricks are eco-friendly interior design material, sturdy and safe to use indoors. Painted brick walls enhance modern interiors by adding simple decoration patterns and texture. Large wall mirrors and impressive artworks give a chic feel to modern interior design with brick walls.

This collection of contemporary living rooms with brick walls will fascinate, inspire and elevate your design creativity. Enjoy!