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Construction industry unites under national umbrella organisation

Yesterday our Industry turned a page. As you would recall the CBA have joined forces last year with various Industry leaders to get a voice to Government to open construction under L4 and not L2 as planned. This group consist of 29 sectors, professional, contractor, supplier and other bodies. We have since realized by forming an alliance we have a strong collaborated voice on various issues to get the attention of Government.

The new alliance is CASA – Construction Alliance South Africa and the CBA are proudly representing our members on this forum.

The CASA logo has a  Clay brick wall  in the center, I think that you can agree with me that this is to our advantage, and we all can be proud that Claybrick’s are shown on this logo.

Press release and the Chairperson speech attached.


Best regards,


Mariana Lamont

Executive Director

ClayBrick Association

Benefits of Brick: 


Economical & Practical

energy savings

Energy Efficient & Sustainable


Desirable & Stylish