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The Voice - May 2021

CBA Chairman Hendrik van Dyk reflects on the year past, and the year ahead:

“The Mpumalanga Lowveld enjoys ‘Champagne Weather’ - sunny autumn days that give a general sense of wellbeing!  This beauty helps to offset some less positive feelings.

“The aftermath of the hard lockdown during the Covid pandemic can still be felt within the industry but we are robust and have stood strong during this crisis. Many members used the time wisely, to plan and implement more sustainable processes.

“As reported during our virtual AGM we are nearing completion of the European Union Switch Africa Green Project on Sustainable Practices in the Clay Brick sector. We have gained a lot of information that the CBA and its members can put to good use, to promote clay bricks and improve sustainability while saving costs and reducing waste.

“The Swiss Development agency paved the start of our journey on sustainable production practices. Then the European Union invested in the CBA with the Switch Africa Green project, funding direct research and distribution costs. More significant than the financial cost, is the commitment of time and effort from our CBA team, the Technical Committee and Board members. There is also extensive and ongoing input from our members.

“Going forward, we must make sure we use the research and benefits to our members’ advantage. We intend to focus on effective lobbying of decision makers, especially those in Government, National and Provincial as well as Local Authorities.

“We are equally committed to helping members with the daily burden of complying with ever increasing — often confusing — legislation and regulation. The CBA Board is energised to tackle this challenge in the year ahead.
“Thank you to all members who took the time to participate in the virtual AGM.

I trust that Eastern Cape region will be ‘third time lucky’ and host the AGM 2022 at Oubaai. I hope that every member has diarised our 60th AGM in 2023 at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe!”

Kind Regards

Hendrik van Dyk
Clay Brick Association of South Africa


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